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Oct , 8th 2013 | Tropo 2013 on 144 MHz
The cluster was full of 2 m Tropo spots during the weekend of 21st – 22nd October, especially of F and G stations. I watched the Hepburn Tropo map, but unfortunately there were no conditions in the Slovakia….on the 22nd of October also the OK stations appeared in the cluster made QSOs with stations from England. I checked again the map hoping that something would happen also in the Slovakia, but the result was the same as day before and the forecast for next days looked similar - no conditions in the Slovakia …  On Monday afternoon at 15:15Z I noticed by chance the spot G4SWX working HA1FV. I immediately phoned Tibor OM3RM, if he knew about the tropo conditions by us. He didn´t know about it, just he asked “what are you waiting for? You should go to QTH and find it out…” Afterwards, in next 5 minutes I caught incredibly fast pick up my laptop and to inform (and especially to explain) my XYL, that there is a tropo and I have to go to Okoč. It took 30 minutes to get there; I prepared the setup and began searching stations about 144.300. I didn’t find any special, just DK1FG from JN59OP (526 km). He said, he heard me FB – 16:59Z I had the first QSO in my LOG. I started CQ on 144.320 and after several seconds ON4KHG (JO10XO) 1053 km came back. After QSO he sent a spot on the cluster and a nice pileup of PA, ON, G, F stations began. I had the last QSO at 23:47Z with G8VHI. Totally it was 135 QSO. In the morning I noticed other spots from HA1FV, so I went back on QTH. That time it wasn´t as perfect as a day before, I made only 21 QSO, but I was very happy about the station GM4PPS, which answered to my call. We tried QSO about 5 times on Monday, but it wasn´t successful Statistic: 156 QSO (average 1020km) ODX: EI3KD (you can find the record of our QSO on: ) 69 WWL 16 QSO > 900km, 78 QSO > 1000km 21 DXCC (the new from that are DXCC: GI, GJ, GM, GU, GW, LX) 43x G, 19x DL, 17x F, 14x ON, 12x PA, 5x I, 5x SP, 4x OK, 3x 9A, 3x GW, 3x HA, 2x EI, 2x GI, 2x OE, 2x OM, 2x S5, 1x GJ, 1x GM, 1x GU, 1x LX, 1x YU. TOP 10 QSO: EI3KD IO51WV 1911km EI4DQ IO51WU 1905km GI4SNA IO64XM 1811km GI6ATZ IO74AJ 1803km GM4PPT IO75SK 1744km M0VRL IO70PO 1661km F1AKK IN78RJ 1659km F6KHM IN78RJ 1659km G4RRA IO80BS 1603km GW8ASD IO83LB 1582km 73 Laci, OM2VL