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Dec , 25th 2008 | 9A CW contest 2008
             Croatian CW Contest

Call: OM3RM
Operator(s): OM3RM
Station: OM8A

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Okoc
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:  221    33
   80:  351    43
   40:  611    71
   20:  382    47
   15:   49    21
   10:    3     3
Total: 1617   218  Total Score = 1,221,890

It's a very nice contest and its popularity and participation is increasing
every year.  Also big contest stations are taking part. In 2006 1138 QSOs and
698 000 meant the first place, in 2007 1353 QSOs and 812 000 points and in this
year for the first place 1600QSOs were needed.

I was happy to meet old friends from the whole world, mainly from 9A. The
contest itself was smooth, lower bands were working good where I was surprised
to hear a lot of stations from JA, which was really rare in the last years.
The higher bands were not working for us, I was amazed to hear Braco 9A7R to
make QSOs with the USA on 15m. But lower bands made up for the fall-out.
Unfortunately, I lost 2 el. Yagi on 80 m in the evening. This fault probably
took away the first place from me.

I would like to congratulate Valery RD3A for his nice result and the large
amount of multipliers.

I thank the organizers and I hope to hear you all next year again in this nice
contest which proves that CW is still alive!
73 Tibi OM3RM